She entered my room wearing a “not too short but elegant skirt, the high heels clicked on the wooden floor as she approached, her tits bulged out from her shirt...but it was her smile and eyes that gave me the feeling that, she was the right choice.
Hey guys, the time has come,

I started a full time job, So only the one׳s with patience, lots of patience, are welcome to email me and I promise to do my best to reply, maybe not in the same day, week or sometimes even month, but when i will, it's can be a magnificent meeting ;)

Thanks :)


My name is Yarden, I am an independent escort girl, born in Israel, 25 years ago.

I’m a sensual, gentle, compact, girl with large natural breasts & long hair… a playboy model. (to quote one of my favorite clients). Though there may be many beautiful women throughout the world, when you seek for yourself a young adorable companion of intelligence, beauty and genuine passion, the search becomes a little more challenging. Such a woman does not just meet your needs, she anticipates and stimulates your fantasies….and thats me.

I can be the attentive listener, as well as the naughty sexy fantasy, the exquisite educated companion, or the queen treating you as my subject. The one thing I do however demand is that we have mutual respect for each other, this will create an atmosphere of mutual harmony in our own private and erotic environment.

Let's together to create the perfect match and exciting adventure Welcome to my world of Passion!!! Kisses!!

Contact Me!

June 15, 2014 (private email published with permission)

I have had the extreme pleasure and honor of getting to know Yarden. This experience was far - way far - beyond a "meeting" with an escort girl; Yarden is actually not an escort girl. Instead, she is a true adventure of a real date with the most incredible girl one can ever imagine. Yarden is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever had the pleasure of seeing (and being with...). She has an amazingly pretty smile, green eyes, gorgeous dimples and her body is something that I can't seem to get out of mind ever since I've met her. But putting these too-standard reviews aside, Yarden is so intelligent, polite and tender. She actually makes you feel like she enjoys your company and like she is your true loving girlfriend. From the first moment to the last, Yarden made me feel like she's my true lover and closest friend. Honestly (and quite sadly) I simply can not imagine being with another girl after meeting this adorable girl. The only downside was when Yarden had to leave, refusing my proposal of a real relationship... Hope someday she will reconsider

Yarden is a sweet almost shy girl with a super sexy skinny body and large natural breasts that provides an excellent gfe experience. …… scheduling might be hard but well worth the effort. One of the best that israel has to offer, she's intelligent, dresses well, enters in with smile and keeps the attitude the entire time. With her large natural breasts and short, thin body, she makes for one very sexy lady.

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